Toyo Open Country AT2 vs. AT3: Which Is Better?

Are you curious about the differences between the Toyo AT2 and AT3 tires? Wondering if the latest update in the Toyo AT3 model is an improvement? 

If so, let’s read on!

This article will provide an in-depth comparison of these two tire models and suggest which suits your needs best.

Toyo Open Country AT2 vs. AT3: Comparison Overview

Let’s explore an overview of how the Toyo AT2 compares to the Toyo AT3. This comparison highlights various crucial factors to help you choose the right option for your needs:

toyo open country at2 vs at3 comparison

Toyo Open Country AT2 vs. AT3: Comparison Overview

Off-road Performance

The Toyo AT2 is a moderately aggressive all-terrain tire with respectable off-road performance across various terrains, including sand, rock, gravel, and mud. 

However, while they offer decent traction and can handle themselves adequately, it’s worth noting that the sidewalls of these tires are not very strong. Therefore, they are best suited for milder off-road conditions and occasional use rather than more demanding and severe terrain.

Conversely, the Toyo AT3 features a new tread compound and sturdier sidewalls, enhancing its off-road durability. Besides, the AT3’s more evenly distributed void area and staggered shoulder lugs provide increased traction and a more comfortable off-road experience when compared to the AT2. You can also drive these tires across diverse off-road conditions easily. 

In general, the Toyo AT3 is more capable of off-roading than the AT2. That said, just like the Toyo AT2, it may not be ideal for frequent, severe off-road activities. This is partly due to the greater number and larger size of sipes on the Toyo AT3, which can make it susceptible to chunking or faster wear in such demanding conditions.

On-road Performance

Both of these all-terrain tires excel in daily driving on dry roads, offering excellent dry handling and braking capabilities. However, when encountering wet pavements, the performance difference is like day and night. 

In particular, the AT2 exhibits poor traction in wet weather, often leading to significant sliding. Meanwhile, the wet traction and handling of the AT3 are much better

This notable difference could be thanks to the modified tread compound and the 3D multi-wave sipes of the AT3. These enhancements make the Toyo AT3 a far superior choice in wet weather conditions compared to the AT2.

Snow Performance

Note that the Toyo AT3 carries a 3-peak Mountain SnowFlake rating, indicating its enhanced performance in snowy conditions. On the other hand, the AT2 lacks this snow rating.

In addition to the improved sipes, the increased lateral grooves in the AT3 tires enable them to effectively grip and handle snow conditions, making them a reliable choice for winter driving. Whether you encounter light or severe snowy conditions, you can feel more confident and control with these tires compared to the Toyo AT2s.

In contrast, the Toyo AT2 is not as well-suited for snow. While it can handle light snow to some extent, it is not recommended for icy surfaces due to its limited traction. In deeper snow and icy conditions, the AT2 tends to lose traction and may experience sliding (just like on wet surfaces).

Noise & Comfort

The AT2 and AT3 are among the quietest all-terrain tires we’ve tested, particularly considering their aggressive nature.

However, comparatively speaking, the Toyo AT3 is smoother and has less noise than the Toyo AT2. Because of the new design and tread compound, the Toyo AT3 maintains a quieter ride on the roads. 

But the difference isn’t very noticeable. With the Toyo AT2, you might hear just a slight hum, and it won’t be annoying during your driving experience.

Treadwear Warranty

These Toyo tires, the Open Country A/T II and the Open Country A/T III come with the same treadwear warranties. 

For P/Euro-Metric sizes, they offer a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles, while for LT and Flotation sizes, the warranty covers 50,000 miles. This means you can expect similar tread life and durability from both tire models within their respective size categories.


The Toyo AT3 offers a more budget-friendly option compared to the Toyo AT2.

The price of the Toyo AT3 varies, ranging from approximately $163 to $631 per tire, depending on the specific tire size. In comparison, the starting price of the Toyo AT2 is around $209, with prices increasing to about $643 based on the particular tire size you need.

Final Recommendations

Now that you’ve known the differences between the Toyo AT2 and AT3, our top recommendation is to go for the Toyo AT3.

If your driving focuses on more on-road conditions but still wants capable off-road tires, then the AT3s are the ideal choice. They offer a versatile and well-rounded performance to suit your diverse driving needs.

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