Landgolden Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

Are Landgolden tires worth the investment? 

To gain insight into the brand’s actual performance, let’s closely examine reviews of their two tire models, namely Landgolden LG27 and Landgolden LGT57.

This analysis will provide you with a clearer understanding of whether Landgolden truly delivers on its promises. Read on to find more details!

Who makes Landgolden tires?

Landgolden tires are produced by the Landgolden Limited Corporation, based in Thailand.

They are dedicated to advancing and producing semi-steel radial vehicle tires that prioritize environmental sustainability, high performance, and superior quality.

Landgolden LG27 Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Coupes, Sedans, CUVs, Minivans
Price Range$69.95 to $134.96
Speed RatingV, W
UTQG 500 A A

The Landgolden LG27 tires are easy to mount and have great balance without needing extra weights. Also, their stiff sidewalls will make your driving more responsive. But, even though they’re supposed to have deep treads, they’re a bit shallower than advertised. Specifically, they are advertised with a tread depth of 12/32, they actually measure at 9/32.

On dry roads, these tires are awesome – they grip really well and handle corners at high speeds smoothly. There’s a little road noise, but it’s not too bad. They work great under 70 mph, but past that, they can get a bit noisy and shaky.

These tires offer commendable grip, effectively preventing hydroplaning. Their design features four wide circumferential grooves that efficiently disperse water and slush, ensuring stability even in heavy rain. You can expect no spinning issues with these tires in such conditions.


The Landgolden LG27 tires come at a reasonable price point and deliver a smooth ride on both dry and wet roads, with minimal road noise. Overall, they will be well-suited for your everyday driving needs.

Landgolden LG27 Tires
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Landgolden LGT57 Tires Review

The all-terrain Landgolden LGT57 tires produce minimal noise and a comfortable ride. Its large, staggered tread elements and durable compound enhance traction on soft, loose, and uneven surfaces.

However, despite the claimed staggered tread block design to prevent stone retention, these tires tend to accumulate and lodge gravel within the treads. Additionally, their performance in wet conditions is subpar. They give a slippery and uncertain feel on wet surfaces.

Moreover, although these tires boast a 60,000-mile tread life, their actual longevity falls short of this promise. You will find that they wear out faster than expected and compromise their longevity.


While comfortable and quiet, the Landgolden LGT57 tires suffer from gravel accumulation, poor wet performance, and quicker-than-expected wear. They fall short of delivering expected durability and performance. Therefore, we will not recommend them for your use due to these limitations.

Final Thoughts

Landgolden tires offer a mixed bag of performance. 

The LG27 model proves suitable for daily use with its smooth ride and good grip on dry roads despite minor drawbacks. Meanwhile, the LGT57 tires fall short on promises of durability, suffer from gravel accumulation, and offer poor wet performance.

It’s essential for you to weigh these factors against their specific needs when considering Landgolden tires for their vehicles.

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