Summit Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

This review takes a closer look at the performance and characteristics of four well-known models from Summit tires: the Summit Ultramax A/S, Summit Ultramax HP, Summit Trail Climber SUV, and Summit Trail Climber AT.

If you are curious about Summit tires and who stands behind their production, then this article is a must-read.

Who Makes The Summit Tires?

Summit tires are produced by Summit brand, an American tire manufacturer. This company belongs to the Tire Alliance Group. 

They produce a wide range of tires for various vehicles like passenger cars, light trucks, commercial trucks, and trailers. Their product range includes variations suitable for summer, all-season, and winter weather conditions.

Summit Ultramax A/S All-Season Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Passenger Vehicles
Price Range$53.99 to $107.99
Treadwear Warranty 50,000 miles
UTQG420 A A & 460 A B
Speed RatingH, T , V, W

The Summit Ultramax A/S tires will give you a comfortable and responsive driving experience on dry roads. Their modern non-directional tread design not only improves road feel but also enhances overall handling. 

In wet conditions, the tires exhibit good traction, thanks to 4 wide circumferential grooves that efficiently disperse water. Their deep and well-placed grooves also contribute to reliable handling in rainy weather. Additionally, the Summit Ultramax performs admirably in winter conditions. They offer sufficient traction for occasional use on snowy roads.

Overall, these tires offer a mostly quiet and comfortable ride. We say mostly because they do emit a bit of noise on concrete surfaces. However, on asphalt, they drive silently.


The Summit Ultramax A/S is a dependable choice for your daily use at a highly competitive price. Although they produce a bit of noise on concrete roads, they are not annoying in any way.

Summit Ultramax A/S All-Season Tires
Our Rating:
4.7 out of 5

Summit Ultramax HP All-Season Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Passenger Vehicles
Price Range$69.99 to $119.99
Treadwear Warranty50,000 miles
Speed RatingV, W

The Summit Ultramax HP is specifically designed for high-speed performance. These tires deliver a smooth ride while offering impressive traction on dry roads. The design with taper tread edges does its job in promoting stability, which is a great plus. However, you could hear a slight noise at slower speeds, particularly during low-speed turns.

Their advanced tread design incorporates four high-angle grooves that efficiently disperse water away from the tread surface, significantly enhancing grip on wet surfaces. While they are capable of handling light snowy conditions, you should expect that their performance in such situations might not be optimal due to limited traction. 

Another drawback of the Summit Ultramax HP tires is that they tend to wear out quite fast. So, in terms of durability, we’d say they might fall short of expectations.


The Summit Ultramax HP offers high-speed stability and performs well on wet and dry roads. Just keep in mind that you might have to compromise a bit on the longevity factor.

Summit Ultramax HP All-Season Tires
Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Summit Trail Climber SUV Tires Review

Compatibility Ideal For SUV/Crossover
Price Range$105.71 to $138.61
Treadwear Warranty60,000 miles
Speed RatingS, T, H, V

The Summit Trail Climber SUV tires feature nice, thick sidewalls and tread plies, which contribute significantly to their performance. When driving on regular streets, these tires offer a comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride.

Their substantial grip on the road enables them to perform well in both dry and wet conditions, largely owing to the full-depth sipes. Additionally, the block edge design further enhances traction and handling, making them a reliable choice for various road conditions, including snow.

However, note that they are not touring speed tires. On interstates at 70MPH, there is a tendency for slight drifting, which could potentially be bothersome if you are seeking optimal stability at higher speeds. 


Overall, they perform well for everyday use but might not meet the demands of high-speed driving.

Summit Trail Climber SUV Tires
Our Rating: 4.5

Summit Trail Climber AT Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Light Trucks
Price Range$117.99 to $184.99
Treadwear Warranty40,000 miles
Speed RatingR, S, T

The Summit Trail Climber AT tires have a quite aggressive appearance with deep tread.

They perform decently for light off-road driving. Although their sidewalls are not as rugged as they are intended to be, they allow for better flexibility and improved grip on rocky terrain. Additionally, the tiered tread grooves prevent stone retention, and the open shoulder tread pattern enhances lateral grip on muddy or soft surfaces. Nonetheless, they lack the durability required for severe off-roading.

Since their sidewalls are quite soft, this results in some deflection while driving on roads, affecting their handling for street use. Also, you may experience slight instability when maneuvering the wheel left or right. Despite this, their wide tread grooves and tread siping enable good performance on wet and snowy roads without losing control.

Regarding noise, although not excessively loud, there is a noticeable sound while driving, which is enough to be perceptible but not to the point of annoyance. 


These tires are suitable for those seeking a budget-friendly option for occasional mild off-roading and winter driving. However, if you’re planning to use them for daily driving and frequent off-road adventures, we wouldn’t recommend them.

Summit Trail Climber AT Tires
Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Final Thoughts

Summit tires offer a diverse range catering to various needs, all at affordable prices. Each has its pros and cons, so choose based on your driving preferences.

The Ultramax A/S stands out as a reliable option for everyday use, while the Ultramax HP excels in high-speed stability with a trade-off in longevity. 

For SUV owners seeking comfort and reliable grip, the Trail Climber SUV is a decent choice, whereas the Trail Climber AT provides a cost-effective solution for occasional mild off-roading. 

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