Kelly Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

In this article, we’ll be checking out different Kelly Tires models, including the Kelly Edge A/S, Kelly Edge AT, and Kelly Edge HP. 

Let’s stick around to find out if Kelly Tires are a good fit for your needs.

Who Makes Kelly Tires?

Kelly Tires originated from the Kelly-Springfield tire company, established in 1894 in Springfield, Ohio. 

In 1935, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company acquired Kelly-Springfield, maintaining it as a subsidiary until the complete integration into Goodyear North America in 1999. Presently, Kelly Tire is a big brand owned by Goodyear.

Kelly Edge AT Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Light Trucks, SUVs
Price Range$138.96 to $298.99
Speed RatingR, S, T
Treadwear Warranty50,000 miles

The Edge AT tires are moderately aggressive and suitable for light off-roading with good traction on various surfaces. Specifically, they do well on mud, sand, dirt, and gravel. Besides, they also perform admirably on primitive two-rut trails.

Meanwhile, on the pavements, these tires maintain lower noise levels and exhibit great handling, both on dry and wet roads. However, they may not be ideal for frequent highway driving, as the relatively soft sidewalls can cause vibrations at higher speeds. 

During winter, these tires maintain decent traction in snowy conditions. However, one notable drawback is their tread life, as they tend to wear unevenly and may not last as long as the treadwear warranty suggests.


Considering their reasonable price, these tires are a solid choice for light off-roading and perform reasonably well on pavements and in snowy conditions. However, if longevity and even wear are crucial factors for you, they may not be the best choice. 

Kelly Edge AT Tires
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Kelly Edge A/S Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Coupes, Sedans, Minivans, Crossovers, Small SUVs
Price Range$65.96 to $202.96
Speed RatingT, H, V
Treadwear Warranty55,000 miles

On dry roads, the Kelly Edge A/S tires offer a smooth and comfortable ride under normal driving conditions. They do a great job handling corners and providing reliable traction.

However, they do generate some noise at highway speeds. Once you hit 40 mph, these tires start making a constant noise that becomes more pronounced as you accelerate or slow down. 

Unfortunately, their performance also takes a hit in wet conditions due to a tendency to slip. They struggle to channel water, thereby increasing the risk of hydroplaning. Even on slightly wet roads, you’ll need to navigate turns cautiously to avoid noticeable understeer. 

When it comes to snowy roads, the Kelly Edge A/S tires lack traction and fail to grip the road effectively. This is why their performance is notably compromised in such wintry conditions.


If you’re on a budget and need tires for daily commuting on dry roads, the Kelly Edge A/S is a suitable choice. Contrarily, if you frequently encounter wet or snowy weather, we wouldn’t recommend these tires due to their performance limitations in those conditions.

Kelly Edge A/S Tires
Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Kelly Edge HP Tire Review

CompatibilityIdeal For High-Performance Coupes, Sedans, Crossovers
Price Range$101.96 to $197.96
Speed RatingV, W
Treadwear Warranty45,000 miles

The Kelly Edge HP tires work quite well on both dry and wet surfaces, with sufficient traction and handling. Meanwhile, their wide continuous center rib enhances stability and responsiveness in steering.

They ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on the interstate or open roads. However, on roads with uneven pavement or pothole-ridden roads, you will feel almost every hole and bump. It’s crucial not to overinflate the tires beyond the car manufacturer’s specifications or you’ll feel every little road imperfection.

In colder temperatures, especially around 40 degrees, the bouncing and road vibrations can be pronounced, but these effects tend to diminish as the temperature rises. The tires maintain acceptable noise levels at speeds under 45 mph; nevertheless, they become noticeably loud on cracked and broken pavement, transferring discomfort into the cabin.


Overall, these tires are a decent choice for their price, providing a smooth ride on the interstate – especially suitable for those who primarily drive on highways. However, if your driving involves rough or uneven surfaces, they may not meet your satisfaction.

Kelly Edge HP Tires
Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Final Thoughts

Our review of Kelly models, namely the Kelly Edge A/S, Kelly Edge AT, and Kelly Edge HP, has revealed their performance characteristics:

  • The budget-friendly Kelly Edge A/S suits daily commuting on dry roads but may fall short in wet and snowy conditions.
  • For off-road enthusiasts, the Kelly Edge AT offers good traction, yet may face compromised tread life.
  • The highway-focused Kelly Edge HP provides a smooth ride but encounters discomfort on uneven surfaces. 

Now that you have known the quality of the Kelly brand, choosing the right tire depends on your preferences and driving conditions.

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