Starfire Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

Starfire tires, produced as an associate brand of Cooper Tire in the USA, have gained recognition for their respectable performance at an affordable price. 

However, the question remains: is this reputation a result of media hype, or is it real? 

To gain a better understanding of their performance, let’s delve into a review of some of the most popular Starfire models in this article.

Starfire Solarus HT Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for SUVs, CUVs, Pickup Trucks
Price Range$111.99 to $185.99
Speed RatingR, S, T, H
Treadwear Warranty50,000 miles

The Starfire Solarus HT excels across various weather conditions. On dry roads, they provide excellent traction and stability with responsive braking and cornering. Meanwhile, the tires effectively navigate through water puddles. This capability could be attributed to the four separate center grooves and circumferential grooves that channel water out of the tire quickly, thereby improving wet traction and resist hydroplaning.

These tires are M+S rated, and in real winter conditions, they grip into snow very well. Thus, providing a firm grip and good control during winter driving. Additionally, whether it’s mud, grass, gravel, or sand, these tires perform impressively, which we believe will surpass expectations. The full-depth jagged edges in the tread design add extra traction in these situations.

One notable feature is the minimal road noise. These tires are almost silent, allowing you to enjoy the radio without cranking up the volume, even at highway speeds. Although there’s a bit more noise at 70 mph compared to a traditional all-season tire, it’s so subtle that you have to turn off all noise makers to notice.


Based on their combination of high performance and affordability, we would definitely recommend these tires for your purchase.

Starfire Solarus HT Tires
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Starfire Solarus AS Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Passenger Vehicles, SUVs
Price Range$75.99 to $132.99
Speed RatingH, T, V
UTQG520 AA, 520 AB
Treadwear Warranty50,000 miles

Firstly, it’s essential to highlight the highly competitive pricing of these tires. Given their reasonable cost, you may wonder about their overall performance. 

The Starfire Solarus AS tires demonstrate commendable performance in dry weather. They provide good traction, responsive handling, and effective braking. Besides, they also deliver a quiet and smooth ride on highways.

In light rain, these tires exhibit a secure grip and impressive handling. However, their performance is somewhat compromised in heavy rain, as they tend to experience a bit more slippage. The issue lies in their less effective water channeling, resulting in reduced traction on wet roads.

As for winter conditions, these tires fall below expectations. In significant snowfall, they tend to spin on nearly every acceleration from a standstill, trigger ABS on every stop, and exhibit sliding during turns at very low speeds.


If you’re in search of reliable tires for daily driving on dry roads at an affordable price, these tires offer great value for money. However, for those residing in areas prone to frequent rain and snow, they may not be the most suitable choice.

Starfire Solarus AS Tires
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Starfire WR Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Passenger Vehicles, Sedans, Smaller SUVs
Price Range $91.97 to $155.96
Speed RatingW
Treadwear Warranty40,000 miles

The Starfire WR tires are classified as performance tires. 

They shine on the highway when delivering a smooth ride with minimal noise. While they exhibit a slight rumble when coming to a stop, they operate quietly at speeds above 5 mph. 

Additionally, these tires offer enhanced steering and braking responses, displaying great lateral acceleration during lane changes. On dry roads, they strike a good balance between comfort and responsiveness.

When it comes to wet roads, the Starfire WR performs decently. Designed with four wide circumferential grooves, these tires offer good hydroplaning resistance. However, in heavy rain, there’ll be some traction issues. 

Despite their M+S rating, these tires are not well-suited for snowy conditions. While they can traverse light snow with moderate grip, control becomes easily compromised in severe snow.


These Starfire WR tires are a good choice if you prioritize high performance on dry roads and moderate performance in wet conditions. However, they may not perform as well in heavy rain and severe snow conditions.

Starfire WR Tires
Our Rating: 4.3

Starfire Solarus AP Tires Review

CompatibilityIdeal for Light Trucks, SUVs
Price Range$118.96 to $246.98
Speed RatingR, S, T, H
Treadwear Warranty50,000 miles

The Starfire Solarus AP tires feature a slightly aggressive tread design and provide reliable traction on dry roads. Meanwhile, they also deliver a smooth ride and maintain a relatively quiet performance, though there’s a bit of highway noise.

In wet and snowy conditions, their performance is satisfactory. The wide anti-hydroplane grooves effectively channel water, enhancing wet traction and preventing hydroplaning. Simultaneously, the full-depth biting edges or sipes allow them to grip into snow, ensuring traction in such conditions. Moreover, these tires are also suited for reaching beach sites and campsites.

However, a notable drawback is their tendency to retain small stones. These tires hold onto rocks until you hit speeds of 55-60, at which point they can be hurled. 


If you’re concerned about the risk of flying rocks, these tires may not be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending some time picking rocks out of the tread, they offer excellent value.

Starfire Solarus AP Tires
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Final Thoughts

In general, the reputation of Starfire tires appears to be grounded in their actual performance, with each model catering to specific needs and preferences. 

Whether prioritizing all-season versatility, affordability, dry-road performance, or a balance of features, Starfire tires offer a range of options to cater to needs.

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