Forceum Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

This article will review five popular Forceum tire models: the Forceum MT 08 Mud Plus, Forceum Hena, Forceum Hexa-R, Forceum Octa, and Forceum Penta.

With a comprehensive analysis, we will provide you with the pros and cons of each tire, providing you with insights into their performance across diverse conditions.

An Overview of Forceum Tires

Who manufactures Forceum tires?

The Forceum tires are produced by PT. Elangperdana Tire Industry (EP Tyres) Industry, an Indonesian manufacturer. 

The Forceum brand encompasses a range of tires suitable for various vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks, and 4×4 vehicles.

Are Forceum tires DOT approved?

Forceum tires are DOT approved (USA). Additionally, these tires come with certifications such as E MARK (Europe), INMETRO (Brazil), GSO (Gulf), SNI ( Indonesia), and UKAS (UK), ensuring their quality, safety, and adherence to environmental regulations.

Forceum Tires Review: Detailed Analysis 

Forceum MT 08 Mud Plus Tires Review 

  • Compatibility: Ideal for Jeeps, Light trucks, SUVs, and Other 4×4 Vehicles 
  • Price Range: $88.96 to $248.96

The Forceum MT 08 Plus is an improved version of the Forceum MT 08, offering enhanced performance. 

They grip well across various off-road terrains, including soft, loose, and uneven surfaces. Their large knobbly blocks with deep grooves effectively clear mud, while the continuous center rib prevents mud buildup, ensuring strong traction for your off-road adventures.

On paved roads, these tires deliver decent traction and handling, yet they may not be the optimal choice for daily use on the Forceum MT 08. Despite offering a relatively smooth ride, they produce a slight humming noise on highways. 

The good news is they perform well on snowy roads, with their tread blocks effectively clearing snow and maintaining consistent traction in such conditions.


These tires are a suitable choice for those seeking affordable tires with impressive off-road performance, decent performance on paved surfaces, and reliable traction in snowy conditions. However, due to their softer tread, they may wear out faster than standard road tires. Except for this factor, we highly recommend this product.

Forceum MT 08 Plus Tires
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Forceum Hena Tires Reviews 

  • Compatibility: Ideal for Passenger Vehicles
  • Price Range:  ‎$64.95 to $92.96

The Forceum tires have a sporty appearance. As you hit the road, they impress with their low noise levels and provide a comfortable and smooth ride.

These tires are great on dry roads. They keep you stable and handle corners well without annoying squealing noises. The straight center rib is crucial in maintaining road contact, improving steering control, and overall handling. Additionally, the shoulder tread blocks further enhance cornering and maneuvering. But don’t expect them to be super high-performance tires. At higher speeds on the highway, they might feel a bit off balance.

When encountering wet conditions, these tires remain reliable, particularly during regular, non-aggressive driving. Their lateral grooves angled at 45 degrees, combined with substantial blocks, quickly dispel water. Plus, the straight center grooves help prevent hydroplaning, making them reliable in wet weather. For winter performance, while these tires might not offer exceptional capabilities, they do provide satisfactory traction on light to moderate snow. 


Considering their overall good performance, these tires are definitely a worthy buy, especially given their very reasonable price.

Forceum Hena Tires
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Forceum Hexa-R Tires Reviews

  • Compatibility: Ideal for Passenger Vehicles
  • Price Range: $60.99 to $98.99

An alternative to the Forceum Hena for your passenger vehicles is the Forceum Hexa-R. These tires excel in providing substantial traction on pavement. Their robust shoulder block, combined with keyhole sipes, enhances stability during cornering and maneuvering around corners.

Furthermore, the V-shaped tread blocks play a significant role in swiftly clearing the water, offering a firm grip on wet surfaces. However, they might not perform as well on snowy and icy roads because you can expect them to be quite slippy in such conditions. 

These Forceum Hexa-R Tires are quiet and offer a comfortable ride. But the limitation is they wear out relatively quickly, though not worse than others in their price range.


The Forceum Hexa-R delivers commendable performance on dry and wet surfaces, ensuring a quiet and smooth ride. That said, they fall short in snowy conditions and might have a relatively shorter lifespan.

Forceum Hexa-R Tires
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Forceum Octa Tires Review

  • Compatibility: Ideal for Passenger Vehicles
  • Price Range: $58.95 to $114.96

The Octa tires are among the most popular tires from Forceum.

Similar to the Forceum Hexa-R Tires, these tires are good at handling on dry roads. Their design, featuring three center ribs, ensures great grip, braking capabilities, and driving stability. The dry side pattern, with sturdy blocks, guarantees a secure contact patch for optimal cornering. However, at higher speeds, these tires exhibit signs of reduced stability.

In terms of wet conditions, the Octa tires feature a wet-side pattern with two wide grooves and multi-sipes, effectively dispersing water and minimizing the risk of aquaplaning.

That said, these tires are not suitable for snow-covered roads. Their traction significantly diminishes, making it challenging to navigate through snowy conditions. Therefore, these tires are not recommended for areas with winter snow. Besides, another drawback of these tires is their relatively fast wear compared to others in the same category.


For daily use on primarily dry and wet surfaces, these tires serve as a good choice. Their ability to minimize road noise caused by uneven surfaces provides a comfortable driving experience. However, their unsuitability for snowy conditions and relatively short durability remain significant downsides of these tires.

Forceum Octa Tires
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Forceum Penta Tires Reviews

  • Compatibility: Ideal for Light Trucks and SUVs
  • Price Range: ‎$89.95 to $149.96

The Forceum Penta tires are designed with an asymmetric design to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. They also produce minimal noise generation due to their variable pitch technology.

With three primary ribs ensuring stability on highways, these tires also incorporate multi-adaptive sipes to reduce rolling resistance and enhance braking capabilities. Its unique construction includes both a dry side and a wet side pattern, optimizing safety across all road conditions. 

The dry side pattern, characterized by rigid blocks, facilitates better cornering and enhances line traceability. Meanwhile, the wet side pattern, featuring two wide grooves and multi-sipes, rapidly disperses water to prevent aquaplaning.

Additionally, these tires offer a mileage warranty of 35,000 miles, setting them apart from other models in the lineup. However, it’s worth noting they tend to wear faster than the guaranteed mileage suggests.


The Forceum Penta tires offer a comfortable, quiet ride with versatile performance on various surfaces. Yet, although backed by a 35,000-mile warranty, their actual lifespan might not reach this promise. 

Forceum Penta Tires
Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Final Thoughts

Forceum tires offer diverse options catering to different vehicles and terrains. While certain models excel in specific conditions, such as off-road capabilities or dry and wet surfaces, some of these tires often have limitations in snow or wear durability. 

Nevertheless, considering their competitive pricing, they remain a worthwhile purchase.

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