How To Slash Tires: Methods & Step-By-Step Guide

We’ve always talked about tires and how you can maintain or repair them. This time, we are taking a different turn. The question here is simple, how do you slash a tire?

Has your tire ever been slashed before? If so, you know how annoying that can be. Due to this, we have provided you with the need-to-knows about a slashed tire and how you can slash them.

Without further talk, let’s begin slashing.

Tire Slashing Methods

To discuss the different tire slashing methods, we must first establish what tire slashing is. As the name “slashing” implies, tire slashing is the act of using a sharp tool (nail or knife) to make a deep cut on a tire to deflate it.

As we dive into the tire slashing methods, remember that you should never slash your tire while facing it. Why? Because when you slash your tire, the air in your tire rushes out at a very high pressure, which could injure your face. Without further talk, below, we have provided you with some fast and discreet ways to slash a tire.

Tire Slashing Methods
Tire Slashing Methods
  • Nails

This is an obvious one, right? However, you can’t use just any nail you see. For this method, it would help if you chose a long nail that can stand on its head, implying that the nail should have a large head. Why this type of nail?  This is because you need effective nails that can stand upside down on the road in the tire’s rolling path.

As a result, once the tire begins to roll, it is punctured by the nail, which goes deeper the further the tire rolls. Consequently, the tire loses air.

  • Removing Some Tire Parts

While this technique takes a few minutes, it is your best choice if you want to be stealthy because it makes no noise. Firstly, you find the valve stem and then unscrew the needle inside. You then proceed by cutting the valve stem and removing the cover. Lastly, you exert pressure on the needle-like core. Once you’ve carried out these steps, the tire will begin to deflate.

  • Puncturing With A Sharp Knife (Really Sharp Knife)

Using a sharp knife to slash a tire is as efficient as it is effective. Below we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to slash a tire using a sharp knife, along with the tools required.

How To Slash Tires

Tools You Need

You can use several tools to slash a tire. Below is an overview of the tools you may need when slashing a tire:

  • Pocket Knife

A pocket knife equipped with serrated blades could be your best tool yet when slashing a tire. Also, the reason for the serrated blades is that they can cut through harder materials such as a tire’s tread. Furthermore, you can conceal a pocket knife thanks to its folding ability.

  • Kitchen Knife

Not everyone has a pocket knife; however, most people have access to a kitchen knife. This tool is a matter of convenience. If you plan to use a kitchen knife, you must ensure that the knife in question is very sharp so it can slice through the sidewall seamlessly. 

Furthermore, the kitchen knife should be firm not to bend when slashing. However, if the tires you plan to slash aren’t yours, using a kitchen knife might draw unnecessary attention.

  • Screwdriver, Pricker, Bodkin, and Awl

Except for the bodkin, the above tools aren’t necessarily slashing tools. However, they are also effective enough to cause damage or slash a tire by puncturing the tire’s sidewall. Also, these tools will deflate the tire at a slower rate, but they get the job done.

Step-By-Step Guide

Here’s a guide on how to slash a tire efficiently using a sharp knife.

How To Slash Tires
How To Slash Tires
  • Your Target Is The Tire’s Sidewall

The sidewall of a tire is easily the weakest part of your tire and should be your target for slashing. By implication, it means that the first step is to aim for the tire’s sidewall.

  • Keep Your Distance

Once you’ve aimed for the tire’s sidewall, your stance should be one that guarantees your safety. It would be best to stand with the tire between your legs while facing away. Why look away, you ask? This is because the tire releases highly pressured air. As a result, it could injure your face.

  • Strike Precisely

Here is the moment of truth that determines whether or not you will slash properly. After taking the above steps, you are to strike with one quick slash,  pushing the knife deeper while pulling it to the side ( left or right), and voilà, slashing complete.

How To Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed

Having a slashed tire is a real headache, especially when you can’t tell how It happened. Was it an accident? Or could it have been a disgruntled neighbor? Either way, here are a few ways to tell if your tire was slashed.

How To Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed
How To Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed
  • Examine The Area Of Damage

The sidewall of your tire is a common target for vandalism because they are easier to puncture due to how thin they are. If you can’t recall driving on an off-road trail, on debris, or hit a pothole, imagining that someone may have deliberately slashed your tire won’t be out of place. Why? Because tires are rigid and can take a beating, implying that the force required to punch through a tire doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • Examine The Nature Of The Damage

Distinguishing between an accidental cut and an act of vandalism can be tricky. However, if someone slashed your tire, that person probably used a refined tool like a knife. Also, if it’s a knife slash, the cut would be precise and linear. Damage caused by road debris is rarely precise.

  • Look Around For Any Sharp Objects

Criminal or not, we are all humans and can get sloppy or careless sometimes. If you look around and find a sharp object that matches the tear on your tire, the chances are that you are a victim.  While the above points educate you on how to tell if you’re a victim of tire slashing, they do not tell you who did it. The point below helps you identify the culprit.

  • Install A Security Camera (CCTV)

If you want undeniable evidence that your tire was slashed while nailing down the culprit, installing a security camera around your parking space is your best bet. This strategy guarantees the shortest time in court should you choose to press charges.

Also, hiding the camera won’t be a bad idea. However, if you want to eliminate blind spots, placing the camera in an open space will be more effective. Furthermore, installing a camera in an open space serves as a preventive measure as seeing it can discourage the culprit from acting.

Will A Slashed Tire Go Flat Immediately?

Depending on the tool used to slash a tire, the time it would take to deflate varies. If you slash a tire using a sharp knife, the tire will be out of air in seconds. Also, depending on the severity of the slash, it can cause a tire blowout that will flatten your tire instantly.

Furthermore, if you use a nail to slash a tire, it may take several hours or even days to go flat completely. Why? Because a nail will leave a relatively smaller wound on the tire resulting in a slower leak.

Can A Tire With A Slash Be Repaired?

Repairing a slashed tire isn’t that straightforward because some cords would have been cut out during the slashing process. While some repair shops may attempt to patch a slashed tire, it’s simply not worth the risk that comes with driving on such a tire.

Also, if your tires were slashed from the sidewalls, your next course of action will be to replace them because they can’t be fixed. Overall, your tire can only be repaired safely if the cut is less than a quarter-inch in length. However, slashed tires often have much deeper cuts.


Thanks to our “how to” guide, you now know how to slash a tire, tell if your tire was slashed, and more. Also, this is purely informative and not an encouragement to slash anyone’s tires. With this guide, you won’t have too much trouble if you wake up in the morning to a slashed tire.


  • Can You Go To Jail For Slashing Tires?

Slashing a tire that isn’t yours is an act of vandalism. While it may not get you a jail sentence, you can get probation accompanied by a fine. However, if you have a criminal record, jail becomes a possibility. Even so, going to jail for tire slashing is not common.

  • Why Do People Slash Tires?

Some people slash their tires to solve the problem of overinflated tires. However, that’s not always the case. In most tire slashing cases, the primary reason is that someone wants to settle a score. So they restrict your movement by slashing your tires.

  • What To Do If Someone Is Slashing Your Tires?

If someone slashes your tire, you should start by contacting the police within 24 hours of the incident to file a report. Also, If this is a repeated occurrence, you can help yourself by installing a camera. Nailing the culprit won’t be easy if you can’t tell who is slashing your tires.

  • What Happens If You Pop A Tire?

If you pop a tire, a tire blowout is imminent. This blowout will cause your vehicle to swerve left or right while slowing down. Having a tire blowout when driving can result in an accident as it causes your vehicle to lose control.

  • Is It Loud When You Pop A Tire?

A popped tire is followed by a loud bang accompanied by a whooshing sound. So, yes, it is loud when you pop a tire.

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