How Much Does A Tire Weigh? [A List Of Different Vehicles]

Have you ever changed a tire yourself? If yes, you know that they aren’t exactly lightweight. So, the question here is: how much does a tire weigh?  

The weight of a tire is mainly affected by the tire size and type. Therefore, it varies depending on these factors.

This article will discuss the weight of several types of tires and highlight the reason for their weight. Read on to learn more!

How Much Does A Tire Weigh: An Overview

The table below includes the average weight of some tire types:

Tire TypeWeight
Passenger Car Tire14-22 pounds
Tractor Tire300-1000 pounds
Forklift Tire52 pounds
Truck Tire66-300 pounds
Monster Truck Tire800 – 900 pounds
Pickup Truck Tire66-180 pounds
Nascar Tire24 pounds
F1 TireFront Tires: 21 Pounds Rear Tires: 25 Pounds
SUV Tire48 pounds
Spare Tire25 pound (Donut tire)

How Much Does A Passenger Car Tire Weigh?

Passenger cars come in various types and models. By implication, the wheel and tire size you can put on them vary. Naturally, an increase in size comes with an increase in weight. This logic applies to passenger car tires as well. 

Most passenger vehicles have a wheel size of 13-20 inches, and the tire sizes that fit these wheels weigh between 14-22 pounds.

How Much Does A Tractor Tire Weigh?

Seeing as tractors are heavy-duty vehicles and weigh a minimum of 19,000 pounds, it means that their tires will be considerably heavy. On average, the weight of a single tractor tire lies between 300–1000 pounds

Tractor tire sizes come in four different sizes and weights. These tire sizes include the small tractor tire, medium tractor tire, large tractor tire, and extra-large tractor tire.

Tractor TypeHeightWeight
Small Tractor Tire17.5 x 25 feet300 pounds
Medium Tractor Tire20.5 x 25 feet 400 pounds
Large Tractor Tires23.5 x 25 feet400 – 800 pounds
Extra-large Tractor26.5 x 25 feet1000 pounds

Depending on the tractor tire size you use, if you multiply it by 4, you will get the average weight that the tires add to your tractor. For example, the extra-large tractor tires will add about 4000 pounds to the overall weight of your tractor.

How Much Does A Forklift Tire Weigh?

Forklift tires are relatively small. However, due to the kind of tasks it carries out, its tires are built to be solid and durable. As to how heavy they are, each forklift tire weighs about 52 pounds.

How Much Does A Truck/Monster Truck/Pickup Truck Tire Weigh?

Truck Tire

Truck tires come in several sizes and are grouped into commercial truck tires and light-duty truck tires. 

Commercial truck tires are designed to carry heavier loads and are quite sizable. This implies that they contribute a reasonable amount of weight to the truck. With an approximate weight of 100-300 pounds, the commercial truck tire allows you to comfortably tow or haul heavy loads. 

On the flip side, as its name suggests, the light-truck tires are made to handle lighter goods. Depending on the size of the light-truck tire, it will weigh around 66 -170 pounds.

Monster Truck Tire

Among all tires available in the market, the monster truck tire is one of the heaviest. Monster truck tires pack enough power allowing them to carry out heavy-duty tasks while handling extreme loads. Most monster truck tires measure about 43 inches wide and 66 inches high. So, how heavy is a monster truck tire? A single monster truck tire weighs approximately 800 – 900 pounds.

Pickup Truck Tire

Pickup tires also have various sizes depending on the capability. The average tire weight for a pickup truck is between 66-180 pounds. Keep in mind that trucks with loading and off-road duties have heavier tires than those meant for lighter tasks.

How Much Does A Nascar Tire Weigh?

Nascar tires are the perfect racing tires. Although they appear bald, this feature provides the tire with maximum contact and traction on the track. Compared to other tires in this article, Nascar tires are one of the lightest. A single Nascar tire weighs 24 pounds and has a tread width (thickness) of about 1/8 inches.

How Much Does A F1 Tire Weigh?

Like the Nascar tire, the F1 tire is an excellent racing tire. This tire is made with a mixture of artificial fibers and synthetic rubber. The F1 tire makes use of nitrogen gas, allowing it to remain more stable with changes in temperature. 

Unlike the other tires here, the front and rear F1 tires have different weights. The front tires weigh about 21 pounds, while the rear tires have a weight of 25 pounds

So, why do they weigh differently? Because smaller tires will reduce the vehicle’s rolling resistance through aerodynamics. With the front tire smaller than the rear tire, the vehicle’s grip is increased. This is why the front tires are smaller, thereby weighing less.

How Much Does A SUV Tire Weigh?

The SUV and light-truck tires are closely related and have similar weights. Although the weight of this tire is also subject to size and type, a standard SUV tire weighs roughly 48 pounds.

How Much Does A Spare Tire Weigh?

The spare tires have the same weight as the remaining four tires on most vehicles. However, a donut tire is also considered a spare tire and weighs about 25 pounds. Keep in mind that a donut tire is meant for temporary use.


weight of vehicles
This table shows you the average weight of some vehicles

To further bolster a point, the weight of a tire depends on the type and size of the tire fitted on your car. Therefore, you can’t compare the weight and size of a passenger car tire to a tractor tire. Thanks to this article, you now know the weight of several types of tires. But that’s not all, we have also highlighted the reason for their weight. With all of this information, we believe that your questions about various tire weights have been answered. 

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