Wire Showing On Tire: How Long To Drive & How To Fix?

Seeing as tires aren’t life long items, at some point they may develop a fault due to constant use. These tire issues come in different forms, one of which is having wires protruding from your tire. So, what does it mean to have wires showing on tire?

This article goes through everything you need to know about your tire wire showing, accompanied by some frequently asked questions.

Without further talk, let’s dive into the topic at hand.

What Is The Wire Called In A Tire?

When you think of a tire, what naturally comes to mind is that round rubber beneath your vehicle. However, tires aren’t just a piece of rubber as it consists of various parts, one of which includes your tire wire. Being a layer of wire in a tire, it is referred to as “tire wire.”

These wires or “cords” are mostly steel, and are woven in a mesh beneath the tread in the form of a belt. Overall, the wires in a tire are for fortification as they add strength and stiffness to your tire. Therefore, the wires help to enhance the durability of the tires so that your tires can withstand the pumps, the heat or other dangerous obstacles on the road.

What Does Tire Cords Showing Mean?

If you can see cords/wires showing on tire, it means that you have a severe case of tire wear, or say, your tire is badly worn out. If you have worn-out treads to the point its wires are visible, that tire is no longer road worthy and is illegal to drive on in certain states.

Furthermore, the primary sign of tire wire showing is when the wires are visible on your tire’s tread. At this point, it is no longer safe to drive on.

What Causes Wires Sticking Out Of Tires?

The primary factor that can cause cords to show on your tire is tire wear-out. Below are some causes.

What Causes Cords To Show On Tires
What Causes Cords To Show On Tires?
  • Improper Tire Alignment

If you have your tires installed wrongly, resulting in wrong tire alignment, your tires are bound to wear prematurely. When you have badly worn-out tires, your tire wires are exposed.

  • Driving On Bad Roads

If your vehicle tires aren’t suited for certain rough roads, driving on them could also cause your tire to wear prematurely; thus, bringing the tire’s expiry date closer. As a result, cords will show up on your tire, which is one of the many signs of badly worn-out tires.

  • Low Tire Pressure

Driving on a tire with low pressure causes friction, which causes your tires to wear out faster.

Overall, tire wear-out is responsible for the cords showing on your tire. However, several factors contribute to the wearing out of your tires.

How To Fix A Tire With Wire Showing

Due to the risk associated with driving on a tire with wires showing, a satisfactory fix for such a tire could be referred to as a pipe dream. Unlike a case of uneven tread wear in tires, having wires protruding from your tire can’t be fixed by buffing (shaving off the cupping using a special machine, leaving a new tread surface).

Consequently, the only proper and safe fix for a tire with visible wires is to replace that tire completely. Keep in mind that if one tire has wires showing, the chances are that the rest are equally as bad. As a result, you should inspect the remaining tires for signs of visible tire wire.

How Long Can You Drive On Tires With Wire Showing?

If you can see wires protruding from your tire, it means that your tire has run its last safe mile. Any tire with wires showing will not last another 87-94 miles on average. However, this distance (87-94 miles) isn’t set in stone, nor is it a guarantee of your safety. As a result, replacing such a tire will guarantee a much more lengthy warranty.

Please do not allow your tires to get to this point, which puts your life in danger. You can do this through regular tire inspection. As we mentioned earlier, these wires in your tire fortify your tires against injury. Also, your tire is pretty much condemned if it has wires showing.

How Dangerous Is It To Drive On Tires With Wire Showing?

Driving on a tire with wire showing is as dangerous as it gets. How? You ask. When driving on a tire with wires showing, you risk experiencing a loss in tire pressure. A decrease in tire pressure will cause too much of your tire’s surface area to have contact with the road.  Consequently, this increases friction and can cause your tires to overheat, resulting in tread separation, premature wear, or worse, a tire blowout.

As for whether or not you can drive on a tire with wires showing, we will answer this question in two parts. Firstly, should you drive on a tire with wires showing? From all we’ve said so far, the obvious answer is no; you shouldn’t.  However, you can’t help some situations as you can notice wires showing on your tire while on transit. This leads to the second question. Can you drive on a tire with wires showing?

You can drive on a tire with wires showing long enough to get off the road. What this means is that if you notice wires coming out of your tire while on the road, your next move should be to get off the road and replace it with a spare or get to the closest auto shop. Either way, you shouldn’t drive on it for too long as it’s a gamble.


Will Driving Slow Help You Get Tire With Wire Showing To Tire Store?

Driving slow is naturally the safest option if you have any tire issues on the road. However, slow driving does not eliminate the risk that comes with a tire with wires showing; instead, it minimizes the damage that could be caused if you have any issues on the road due to your damaged tire.

Better still, it will be better and safer not to drive on a tire with wires showing if you can help it. Slow driving or not, a damaged tire is not for the road.

Why Is There Wire Sticking Out Of My Tire?

Based on what we’ve already established, the reason you have wires sticking out of your tire is that your tire is badly worn out. Also, this could be due to uneven wear on your tires. Either way, a tire replacement should be your next course of action.

Can You Patch A Tire With Wires Showing?

It would be best not to patch or fix a tire with wires showing. The fact the tire has gotten that bad tells a lot. If you can see wires protruding from your tire, that tire is as good as condemned. In fact, attempting to patch such a tire is considered illegal in several states.


Thanks to this article, you have all the need-to-knows on your tire’s wire. Remember, your safety and the safety of others should be your priority when driving. This goes without saying that driving on a tire with wire showing is a big no.

In conclusion, you should care for your tires as proper maintenance and inspection will save you a lot of trouble.

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