235 vs. 245 vs. 255 Tires: Can They Be Interchangeable?

Are you asking yourself whether 235, 245 and 255 can be interchangeable? Do you like to know the differences between these types of tires ? And information on what tires can be switched with others when changing your tires?

Among the three tire sizes, 235 tires have the narrowest width. 235 tires are 10mm and 20mm narrower than 245 and 255 tires respectively.

In this article, we will compare the features of the 235, 245, and 255 tires. The article further discusses the best uses for these tires and their interchangeability.

What Do 235, 245, And 255 Tires Mean?

235 tires mean that the width of the tires is 235 mm. Meanwhile, 235 tires have a width of 235 mm, and 245 tires have a width of 245mm.

NOTE: The width of a tire is measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters, not the contact patch only

When you look at every tire, there will be a series of three numbers on the sidewall. The first number in these measurements indicates what your tire’s width is.

235/65R17 Tire Size Explanation
235/65R17 Tire Size Explanation

Take 235/65R17, 245/65R17, and 255R65/17 for an example. It’s clear that 235, 245, and 255 are the widths of the tires measured in millimeters.

Let’s look at the table below for more details:

 235/65R17245/65R17 255R65/17
Tire Width235 mm (9.25 inches)245 mm (9.65 inches)255 mm (10.04 inches)
Sidewall Height (Aspect Ratio)152.75 mm (6.01 inches)159.25 mm (6.27 inches)165.75 mm (6.53 inches)  
Wheel Diameter 17 inches17 inches17 inches
Tire Diameter
737.3 mm (29.03 inches)750.3 mm (29.54 inches)763.3 mm (30.05 inches)  
Circumference2316.3 mm (91.19 inches)2357.14 mm (92.8 inches)2397.98 mm (94.41 inches)
Revolutions 431.72 km (694.79/mile)424.24 km (682.75/mile)417.02 km (671.13/mile)

235 vs. 245 vs. 255 Tires: What Are The Differences?

235, 245, and 255 tires differences
This table shows the differences between 235, 245, and 255 tires

Tire Width

Tire width is the contact area of the tire on the surface of the ground. A broader tire on the asphalt means more grip and friction.

  • With a broader contact area, the 255 tire is the widest of the three. Its 10’’ contact area allows for more grooves and makes it ideal for wet roads.
  • 245 tire is narrower than 255 and comes second to the 255 with a width size of 0.4″ lesser. The 9.6″ (245 mm) width size of the 245 makes it a close contender with the 255.
  • The 235 tire has the narrowest width size of 9.1″ (235mm). The difference between it and the 245 is 0.5″ (12.7mm).

Rim Wheel Compatibility:

 235 mm Tires245 mm Tires255 mm Tires
Minimum Rim Width7.5 inches8.0 inches8.5 inches
Maximum Rim Width9.0 inches9.5 inches10.0 inches
Ideal Rim Width8.0 – 8.5 inches8.5 – 9.0 inches9.0 – 9.5 inches

Rolling Resistance

Your tire requires effort to keep rolling. Lower rolling resistance means a lower fuel economy and conservation of energy.

The 235 comes first with its lowest rolling resistance. It means that you will save more fuel when picking 235 tires. Contrarily, the 245 has a higher rolling resistance than the 235 while the 255 has the highest rolling resistance.


Logically, bigger tires will carry more loads than smaller ones because of their respective designs.

The 255 is designed to carry the heaviest of loads followed by the 245 and lastly, the 235. It means that 235 has the least load carrying capacity among these three tire sizes.

Braking Distance

Braking distance means the distance required to bring your vehicle to a halt. This largely depends on your tire tread.

More tread means more grip. More grip means a shorter braking distance. A higher and wider tire will naturally have more tire tread than a shorter and slimmer tire.

The 255 tires have the shortest braking distance. The 245 tires are next to the 255 tires with a shorter braking distance, and the 235 with the least width size has the longest braking distance.


The grip of a tire is the effective control of the tire. More tire tread means more grip. Higher and wider tires have more tread and complex pattern. This gives more control.

Therefore, the 255 will give more grip and effective control than the 245 and the 235. The 245 comes next to the 255 and is followed by the 235. Hence, the 235 offers the least grip among the three.


Steering, accelerating, swerving, and braking depend heavily on the tires. For the perfect handling, you must consider a lot of factors. Generally, the tires must be high and wide with complex tread patterns to instantly meet the driver’s demands.

Among the three tires, the 255 offers the best handling. Meanwhile, the 245 comes close to the 255, and provide better handling than 235.


The 255 tires are generally the most expensive. 245 tires are cheaper than 255 tires and more expensive than 235 tires. It is only logical because it takes a lot of resources to build a bigger tire.

Are 235 And 245 Tires Interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable. In case they have the same aspect ratio and rim size.

Let’s take 235/65R17 vs 245/65R17 for an example. They have a similar rim size of 17″ and an aspect ratio of 65%.  

Specifications235/65R17 245/65R17
Sidewall Height152.75mm159.25mm

Can I Replace 235 Tires With 245?

Yes. Since 235 tires are slightly 10mm smaller than 245 tires, replacing them with bigger tires will increase the load-carrying capacity.

But you must change all four of them for the best result. You should not expect the same driving experience as your speed may reduce by some 0.5 mph regardless of the reading on your speedometer.

However, with a replacement like this, your vehicle will have better grip and handling. You may also expect a shorter braking distance compared to that of your 235.

Can I Replace 245 Tires With 235?

Yes, you can. But keep in mind that these small tires are not guaranteed to give you the same driving experience as the 245 tires. You may experience a reduction in the braking distance, grip, and handling.

Are 245 And 255 Tires Interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange 245 with 255. In case they have the same aspect ratio and rim size.

Let’s take 245/75R17 and 255/75R17 for an example. Both share the same rim size of 17″ and the same aspect ratio of 75%.

Sidewall Height183.75mm191.25mm

Can I Replace 245 Tires With 255?

Yes. Both tires are similar in size, with only a few differences. The dimensions of a 245 or a 255 tire can differ between tire manufacturers, however for any specific manufacturer, 255 tires will have a wider section width than 245 tires. To be clear, the difference is usually 10 mm.

You may expect a decrease in speed, an increase in handling, grip, and a shorter braking distance with your 255 tires.

Can I Replace 255 Tires With 245?

Yes. But again, your driving experience may not be the same. The 255 tires give better grip, handling, and shorter braking distance than 245 tires. Although having similar specifications, the 245 tires will not have the same weight carrying capacity as the 255 tires.

Are 235 And 255 Tires Interchangeable?

Yes, they are. In case they both have the same aspect ratio and rim diameter.

Let’s take 235/70R16 and 255/70R16 for an example. They have the same aspect ratio of 70% and the same rim diameter of 16″. The difference in the width size does not matter. You can switch them, but you may have a slightly different driving experience.

Specifications235/70R16 255/70R16 
Sidewall Height164.5mm178.5mm

Can I Use 255 Tires Instead of 235?

Yes, you can but that will depend on the specifications of the tires. If they have similar aspect ratios and rim sizes, switching them will not be a problem.

But it is not advisable to replace 235 tires with 255 tires if the aspect ratios and rim size are different.

When using 255, your vehicle will look better and perform better.

Can I Replace 255 Tires With 235?

Yes, you can. You will get better gas mileage with 235 tires. However, it will affect your driving experience. For example, when driving with 235 tires, your vehicle will have less grip and handling than with 255 tires.


This article has discussed the features of the 235, 245, and 255 tires. Besides, all the differences between the three size have been highlighted. You may, however, visit an auto repair center if you need more information and want to make sure you opt for the right tire size for your vehicle.

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