STR Wheel Reviews: Are They Worth Your Budget?

Are you searching for detailed reviews on STR wheels? Do you want to know what differentiates themselves from other competitors?

This article will answer those questions for you. Also, we shall give you an overview of the STR – Racing Wheels brand and review three models that provide you with maximum value for your money.

Is STR – Racing Wheels A Good Brand?

STR Racing Wheels is an acclaimed manufacturer of high-performance wheels optimized for exciting track driving. The brand’s value proposition is unique, as its wheels are designed for both racing and regular driving.

STR Racing Wheel is what many call a budget-price wheel brand due to the low prices. Nevertheless, it is an excellent brand whose products combine affordability, rugged performance, and unique designs.

Although more popular for its racing wheels, STR manufactures models for both on-road and off-road use. These wheels are notable for their above-average track performance, decent reliability, and cheap pricing. You’ll come across some of them later in this article when we evaluate the top STR wheels on the market.

Top 3 STR Wheels Review

Because the STR collection features various products, picking the right wheel for your vehicle may be more challenging than you expect. Fortunately, we have reviewed three of the best wheels from the STR brand, so you can know what to pick.

STR Racing STR 615 Silver Wheel

 STR Racing STR 615
STR Racing STR 615

Have you been thinking of the perfect wheel to complement your car’s stylish looks? Then look no further than the STR Racing STR 615 Silver Wheel.

With its aesthetic silver finish along with a 10-spoke design, the STR 615 is sure to turn heads when you visit the track. The machined face further gives the wheel a smooth look that complements any racecar’s sleek design.

We also like that this wheel is affordable and provides good value for the money. It’s compatible with most rim designs, so you should have no difficulties fitting your car with it.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the STR 615 is its mesh design. This design is becoming rarer on modern wheels and has acquired the status of a classic. By buying the STR615 with its mesh design, you’re investing in a unique product that’ll improve your car’s look.


  • Engineered for optimum track performance
  • Classic mesh design
  • Durable cast-iron construction
  • Visually appealing painted finish


  • Limited sizing options

STR Racing STR 601 Gold Wheel

STR Racing STR 601
STR Racing STR 601

The STR 601’s eye-catching gold finish makes it easy for drivers to stand out on the racing track. Your car’s look will also benefit from the intricate concave designs on this wheel.

The STR 601 features a machined lip design, which takes its aesthetics to another level. In case you don’t know, a wheel with a machined lip has its lip area polished to give it an attractive, shiny quality.

However, the STR 601 is more than a good-looking wheel. Thanks to its lightweight construction, this wheel is excellent on the track and promises more fun-filled races.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Different finish options
  • Attractive styling


  • The silver lip color may clash with the design of the wheel

STR Racing STR 607 Neon Blue Wheel

STR Racing STR 607
STR Racing STR 607

The STR Racing STR 607 is another wheel from the STR line with highly appealing looks. This wheel’s neon blue color isn’t common, so installing it on your car will differentiate it from other cars on the street.

Other details like the star inlay design and smooth finish complement the STR 607’s appeal and make it one of the most stunning wheels on this list. The design itself is simple and understated, displaying none of the garishness found on similar bright-colored wheels.

Weighing around 33 pounds, the STR 607 is incredibly lightweight, which strengthens its case as a high-performance wheel. In particular, the rim is highly durable and optimized to handle the rigors of track driving.


  • Simple design
  • Suitable for heavy tracking
  • Smooth finish


  • Limited availability of this design

Why Should You Buy STR Racing Wheels?

As explained earlier, STR Racing Wheels is among the best manufacturers of budget-price wheels. If cost is an important priority for you, an STR wheel is your best choice. Here are some of the other reasons why buying a set of STR wheels may be a good idea:

Easy To Maintain

Your wheels are only going to last if they get proper maintenance. However, many owners find this activity difficult, so they often ignore it.

STR wheels are easy to maintain and require no more upkeep than the average wheel. The simple rule applies here: keep your wheels away from the elements if you want them to last.

Storing your vehicle in a covered area protects your wheels from rust and other effects of exposure to rain, salty sea air, etc. In addition, it’s advisable to wash your wheels yourself. Scrub the wheel with warm soapy water and soft clothing to avoid leaving scratches on the rim.

High Performance

STR Racing is famous for its range of high-performance wheels that are suitable for light tracking. Most models from this brand undergo cast construction, which bolsters their durability to an extent. Moreover, their racing performance benefits from lightweight construction — an essential consideration for race enthusiasts. If your wheels are heavy, your vehicle’s movement and handling may be sub-optimal. Therefore, you should evaluate the STR wheel with its low weight.

Custom Design

Another great thing about the STR Racing Wheels brand is the multiple options for customization available. Buyers can choose from various finishes, sizes, and colors.

Do you want wheels with an arresting design? Then the STR Racing STR 601 wheel with its stunning neon blue style may suit your tastes. If you want a more subdued look, the vintage silver-colored STR 615 is a great option.


According to STR, its wheels offer “strength for the track” and “style for the streets.” This claim checks out based on our detailed review of STR wheels, although it may sound exaggerated to some. 

Models like the STR601 boast top-notch construction that enables them to withstand heavy track use. But they are even more exceptional driving situations, where their lightweight improves handling and cornering abilities.  

The versatility of STR wheels is excellent for racing enthusiasts who want to use their cars for daily driving. Buying a set of STR wheels makes it unnecessary to have separate wheels for track driving and highway travel. Not only do you save money, but you also save manpower that would’ve gone to swapping out wheels on your vehicle. 


The STR Racing Wheel brand is one of the best choices for any owner searching for budget-price wheels with decent quality. Contrary to popular opinion, budget brands like STR Racing Wheels manufacture models with a reasonable level of durability and quality.

From our reviews, the STR 615 Silver Wheel is the top pick from STR’s collection. This model has many features common with STR wheels — affordability, quality, performance, durability, and excellent styling. It is quite popular as well, and replacing it when the time comes should be easy.

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