19×8.5 Tire Size: What Fits This Rim? 

“What size tires will fit a 19×8.5 wheel?”

If you’ve been pondering this question, this article is for you. 

We’ll break down what this rim size means and guide you through the best tire choices. Plus, we’ll discuss the widest and smallest tire options for 19×8.5 rims.

What Does A 19×8.5 Rim Mean?

“19×8.5” refers to the dimensions of the rim. 

The number ‘19‘ represents the rim’s diameter in inches, and ‘8.5‘ represents the rim’s width in inches. So, a 19×8.5 rim is 19 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches wide.

19x8.5 rim explanation

What Size Tire Fits A 19×8.5 Rim?

Selecting the right tire size for your 19×8.5 rim is crucial for safety and performance. Here are some common tire sizes that are recommended for 19×8.5 rims: 

  • 225/35 R19 
  • 235/35 R19 
  • 235/40 R19 
  • 245/35 R19 
  • 245/40 R19 
  • 255/35 R19 
  • 255/40 R19 

The numbers on the tire sidewall can be quite confusing. So, here is a guide to assist you in comprehending these numerical markings on your tire.

  1. The first number in the sequence represents the tire’s total width measured in millimeters.
  2. The second number represents the sidewall height as a percentage of the tire width.
  3. The last number represents the diameter of the recommended wheel for a tire measured in inches.

Let’s take the 225/35 R19 tire for example. These numbers mean:

  1. Total tire width: 225 mm
  2. Sidewall height: 35% of 225 (78.75 mm)
  3. Wheel diameter: 19 inches 
225/35r19 tire explanation

What Is The Best Tire Size For 19×8.5 Wheels?

When determining the best tire size for 19×8.5 rims, you have a couple of solid options. Let’s explore why you might choose either of these tires: 

  • 235/35 R19: This tire size offers a lower profile with a shorter sidewall, which can enhance handling and steering responsiveness. It sits cleanly on the rim without any rubbing issues. 
  • 245/40 R19: This is often considered the best choice for 19×8.5 rims because of its slightly taller sidewall. This size allows for a smoother ride and better protection against potholes and road imperfections. Additionally, it provides the ability to rotate tires, extending their lifespan. 

The choice between these two tire sizes ultimately depends on your driving style and the road conditions you encounter most frequently.

What Is The Max Tire Size For 19×8.5 Rims?

While you might want to push the tire size limits for a more aggressive look or improved traction, it’s essential to stay within safe parameters.

For 19×8.5 rims, the widest tire size that will fit correctly is typically 255/40 R19. These tires generate an excellent amount of traction. 

It’s worth noting that you can mount wider tires on the rim, but this can lead to issues. When a tire’s width significantly exceeds the rim’s width, the sidewall may bow out, flex excessively, and negatively impact handling. 

While some enthusiasts have experimented with 265 series tires, it’s generally not recommended for anything less than a 9.0″ rim width.

What Is The Smallest Tire Size For 19×8.5 Rims?

If you’re looking for a smaller tire size that works well with 19×8.5 rims, the smallest tire size recommended for 19×8.5 rims is 225/35 R19. This tire size provides a snug fit on the rim, which can be advantageous in certain situations.


  • Great off-road performance 
  • Quiet and smooth on highways
  • Snow-rated with a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Aggressive look


  • Reduced traction, especially in wet or slippery conditions
  • A less comfortable ride due to a lower tire profile
  • Limited options for tire selection in this size

Choosing this size depends on your priorities. if you value aesthetics and have specific driving conditions where a narrower tire is advantageous, it could be the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tire size for your 19×8.5 rims is a critical decision and it’s essential to consider factors like your driving style, road conditions, and personal preferences when making your choice. 

Whether you opt for the sportier 235/35 R19, or the more versatile 245/40 R19, ensuring a proper fit and alignment is key to getting the most out of your tires and rims. And remember, while pushing the limits can be tempting, it’s important to prioritize safety and handling when selecting tire sizes for your rims.

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