195 vs. 205 vs. 215 Tires: Can They Be Interchangeable?

Tires come in different sizes and are sometimes interchangeable. This raises an important question. 195, 205, and 215 tires: Can they be interchangeable?

When considering 195, 205 and 215 tires, you want to ensure that they are the best fit for your vehicle, and we are here to help you make that decision.

This article will provide you with a detailed comparison of the 195, 205, and 215 tires while answering some crucial questions. Let’s get started.

195 vs. 205 vs. 215 Tires: What Are The Differences?

The table below shows an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the three tire sizes. Let’s have a glance before moving on to the detailed comparison.

195 vs. 205 vs. 215 tires differences
The table shows the differences of 195 vs. 205 vs. 215 tires

Width & Weight

The weight and width of a tire go hand-in-hand with the tire size. Among the three tires in comparison, the 215 mm tire is the heaviest and has the broadest contact area. Due to the width of the 215 mm tire, it features more grooves. This allows it to thrive better in wet conditions compared to the 195 mm and 205 mm tires.

Next to the 215 mm tire in width and weight is the 205 mm tire. With a 10% increase in tire width than the 195 mm tire, you get more grip on the ground. This is  thanks to its more significant surface contact. Seeing as the 215 mm and 205 mm tires are larger and heavier, it implies that you may have a negative impact if you use them for low-powered vehicles.

However, with the 195 mm tire, you would be able to move faster because there is less weight to control. Not only is it lighter, but it also allows you to accelerate faster while offering a better braking distance.

Perfect Rim Size

The size of a rim refers to its diameter. As shown from the table above, the 215 mm tire has the widest rim with a rim size of 7″. However, that’s to be expected because it is the biggest amongst the three. Bigger rims will imply bigger wheels, and certain perks accompany vehicles with bigger wheels. For example, a car with a larger wheel will have improved cornering abilities.

Coming last in terms of rim size is the 195 mm tire which features a rim size of 6″. However, that doesn’t mean that the 205 mm (6.5″ rim size) and 215 mm (7″ rim size) tires are better than it as they all excel in various aspects. For instance, due to the smaller rim size of the 195 mm tire, it needs less energy to get moving.

Handling & Grip

The more tread a tire has in contact with the ground, the better its handling and grip will be. Having already explored the width of the 215 mm tire, it is a no-brainer that it has more surface contact and grip on the road. With better cornering and traction, the 215 mm tire outplays both the 205 mm and 195 mm tire.

However, the 205 mm and 195 mm tires have their strengths. How? A bigger tire will have stiffer steering, which can make handling harder when compared to the 195 mm and 205 mm tire. Yet, this doesn’t change the fact that the 195 mm tire doesn’t have as much grip as the 205 mm and 215 mm tire. The reason is that the 195 mm tire will feature a thinner tread.


Overloading your tires is never a brilliant idea. Thanks to the tire load index, you know how much weight your vehicle can carry on your tires while remaining safe. You can find a tire’s load index or carload in the user manual or on the tire’s sidewall just to the right of its diameter.

In this section, bigger is better as the 215 mm tire will have a higher carload rating than the 205 mm tire. Closely following the 215 mm tire is the 205 mm tire, sitting between the 215 mm and 195 mm tire. Lastly, we have the 195 mm tire which has the lowest weight carrying capacity among the three.

Rolling Resistance & Fuel Economy

The 215 mm tire has the highest rolling resistance. Unfortunately, for this part, higher isn’t better. The reason is that the 215 mm tire will burn more energy to get the vehicle moving. Meanwhile, the 205 mm tire consumes less fuel than the 215 mm tire.

The smallest tire in this comparison, the 195 mm tire, wins the rolling resistance and fuel economy category. This is because a smaller tire needs less energy to move. Therefore,  it reduces the rolling effort required and helps economize fuel. 


The 195 mm tire is the most pocket-friendly among the three tires. Even though it isn’t as expensive as the rest in comparison, it does not fall short in quality. 

However, it takes more resources to build a bigger tire. This is the case for the 215 mm tire and the 205 mm tire. Therefore, they are costlier than the 195 mm tire.

If you are on a budget and depending on the size of your vehicle, the 195 mm tire would be the best pick because you won’t be sacrificing quality for affordability.

Are 195 And 205 Tires Interchangeable?

Can I Use 205 Tires Instead of 195?

Yes, you can. The similar rim sizes (6″ and 6.5″) make it possible for you to interchange 205 with 195 tires. You can replace smaller tires with larger ones for aesthetics or for other reasons, such as improved ground clearance. 

Can I Use 195/65R15 Instead of 205/55R16?

Yes, you can. However, the sidewall will be marginally shorter. This is because the cross-sectional tread width of the tire will be about 10 mm thinner.

Can 195/65R15 Replace 20570R15?

Yes, it can. However, you may face ground clearance issues as the 205/70R15 is larger than the 195/65R15.

Are 205 And 215 Tires Interchangeable?

Can 205 Tires Replace 215?

Yes. The 205 tires can fit rim widths up to 7 inches. Due to this, you can replace the 215 tires with the 205. The only major drawback is that you may experience clearance issues.

Can I Use 215/55R16 Instead of 205/55R16?

Yes. The width of the 205/55R16 tire is only 10 mm thinner than the 215/55R16 tire. Therefore, using the 215/55R16 instead of 205/55R16 wouldn’t cause any problem. The worst case is that the tire may rub against the fenders. However, this is almost unlikely to happen.

Can I Use 215/60R16 Instead of 205/65R16?

For a short time, yes. Mostly during emergencies given that your car will be imbalanced. While it can fit, we do not advise it because it will cause the tire to wear prematurely.

Are 195 And 215 Tires Interchangeable?

Can I Use 195 Tires Instead of 215?

The 195 tires will fit; however, it isn’t a great idea, as the 215 tire is 20 mm larger than the 195. Also, if you must, you should mount them as a pair, and this implies that the tires on the axle should be the same.

Can 215/65R15 Tires Substitute 195/65R15 Tires?

The answer to this question is a big no. Why? This is because the 215/65R15 has a diameter about 4% larger than the 196/65R15. As a result, your speedometer will give wrong readings.


Each type of tire size has its own benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to choose the one that suits your preferences and fit your vehicle. After reading this article, knowing the tire that’ll fit your vehicle between the three won’t be problematic.

However, you are advised to visit the car repair place if you ever need to switch or interchange tires to make sure that your tires will fit your vehicle perfectly.

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